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Syncretism enables you to activate your God mind through esoteric knowing. The Matrix cultivates exoteric belief, concepts, which are given since birth. What controls our beliefs controls our actions. An awakening usually happens through knowledge. Whether you have had a spiritual awakening or you are seeking knowledge/enlightenment you must have questions. We have answers.

The world before NWO

There are so many books that I have talked about on my platform. Instead of you having to buy all of them, I have taken most of all the important parts and compiled them for you so you get the information that you are seeking.

Most of you know me from TikTok. I’ve been banned 7 times for spreading the truth about system. “Misinformation” They call it, but I have over 900 people that I’ve helped that will tell you otherwise. I am here to find the problem at the source as well as connect you deeper with your soul. These links was made to do just that.

Antartica and the land beyond the ice wall!

This Downloadable book will take you trough what’s beyond the ice wall and Antartica, It will explain what’s been hidden from us the hole time,

Declassified Satellite Image Antartica (Free Download

On 23 July 1972, the first Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS 1 or Landsat 1) was successfully placed in orbit. The success of Landsat inaugurated a new era in satisfying mankind’s desire to better understand the dynamic world upon which we live. Space-based obser- vations have now become an essential means for monitoring global changes.

Black history

The books about black history that will teach you the black history

The book of Enoch

Start doing your own research and discover it yourself! Free audio book trial, The book of Enoch and the 178 world under the great dome books. 

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Original Awareness mock

Perfect to start your day with awareness

Original Awareness mock

Perfect to start your day with awareness

178 Worlds under the great dome book series

Discover the worlds under the great dome!